This house was projected over a ground with a pronounced slope which allowed us to frame the magnificent views of the city of Monterrey. The construction was placed the closest to the street, leaving extensive gardens behind it.

The entrance is found after walking along a volume of stone that penetrates into an extensive social area with hall, living and dining room, arranged in a consecutive way but without visual continuity: a great volume of stone that contains the visits’ toilet is placed before the living room and a wall of the same material before the dining room.

These areas are set under the same roof of 1.5 levels height and protected with wood blinds to keep it from the sun while not sacrificing views to the garden. The social spaces are expanded visually and functionally being united to the exterior through transparencies: the extreme east of the house ends with a pool and garden as extension of the living room, the west extreme ends with a glass wall and a fountain. Dividing the social from the private areas a wall of double height is found travelling from east to west, hiding behind it a walkway and the main bedroom and family room. In the second floor we find the two secondary bedrooms and an extensive terrace with a view to the city.

Project Info


Single-Family Housing






1,253 m2; 13,487.18 sq ft.


771.78 m2; 8,307.37 sq ft.

Architectural design

Arq. Rodrigo G. de la Peña L.

Architectural design team

Arq. Georgina Pérez.


Arq. Jorge Taboada.

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