ArquiTK 104 Magazine

Date 25 de October de 2017
Author Administrator
Tags CAM, Central de Autobuses de Monterrey, Arq. Rodrigo de la Peña, rdlp arquitectos
RDLP Arquitectos

ArquiTK Magazine presents the Monterrey Central Bus Station in issue 104 October-November 2017. The theme set for this issue No. 104 is: "CIVIL ARCHITECTURE" which includes projects for common use of the city, such as buildings housing, public theaters, parliamentary houses of deputies and senators, government residences and palaces, bridges, parks, monuments, as well as various buildings of civil government.


The current project responds primarily to the need for regeneration of the bus terminal with a program in line with current needs and urban regeneration of the city center, adequately addressing both the functional design and the aesthetic theme.