Revista ArquiTK 104

Date 01 de March de 2019
Author Administrator
Tags Arq. Rodrigo de la Peña, rdlp arquitectos, Sasaki Associates, Arq. Gilberto L. Rodríguez, glr arquitectos, glr + rdlp
RDLP Arquitectos

ArquiTK Magazine presents the Tec de Monterrey Library in issue No. 112 February - March 2019.  The theme set for this issue No. 112 is: "MODERN ARCHITECTURE" where projects that involve the creation of pleasant, functional and harmonious interior spaces are included, adapting the constructions and environments based on architectural knowledge. The projects that participate are residences, shops or projects where the importance of design is highlighted, both inside and outside.


The new library will embody Tec de Monterrey’s academic mission, common ground for all disciplines and programs contained within the Tec, the library will be the place where students, faculty, staff, and knowledge groups come together to access information, study, collaborate, and be inspired.