BCM 81: Architecture Special Issue

Date 09 de August de 2017
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RDLP Arquitectos


What kind of projects you are interested to collaborate?

A long time ago the firm specialized mainly in single-family housing, but in recent years we have managed to stand out with mixed-use buildings, this being a development trend today, where we are following a change of vision towards a greater urban density. Also, we are designing apartment buildings, offices, commercial and hotels. The trend that characterized the office has been defined lately by projects in which we have intervened, which required optimized, rational spaces, which forced us to define an very adapted architecture to the according to each client needs.

As a firm, and in a personal way, we follow a direction towards mixed use, considering that in recent years there have been very good examples of developers and architects both in Monterrey and outside following this trend, and I think this is the future of Architecture.

How would you define your style or your professional proposal?

The architecture we produce is contemporary and at the same time timeless. The treatment of natural light, the transparency of spaces and the use of warm materials are characteristics that are always present in our design. Definitely, there is no exact formula, we recognize that architecture is generated by real people needs and an understanding of the context, culture and climate. We believe that architecture must be created from the sum of the elements that define a building: structure, form, context, materials and emotions produced by the plastic that we generate through much design exploration.  

Where do you get your inspiration?

Each project we do is different and is based on the context and its circumstances and the architectural program, always trying to have a balance and offer quality spaces for its inhabitants. Many of the references I use come across on trips I have made, buildings and architecture details that make an impact on me and want them to have the same effect on others.


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