Exhibition 'In Process'

Date 09 de August de 2017
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Tags rdlp arquitectos, Arq. Rodrigo de la Peña, Centro Roberto Garza Sada, CRGS, UDEM, Universidad de Monterrey, Arquitectura, Exhibición, Conferencia
RDLP Arquitectos

In Process, is presented as an exercise, an installation in which different project typologies are observed and articulated in the career of the office led by Architect Rodrigo de la Peña, showing a structure and a dynamic in constant evolution.

From the beginning, the participation of the team members has contributed in an enriching way, delimiting the architectural approach, as well as basic and technical design aspects.

Eight architectural projects are connected and conceive a complete vision of language, concepts and trends, establishing a common ground: Identity, Experimentation, Business Feasibility, Rationality, Accessibility and Adaptability. This exhibition comprises a period of the last five professional years of rdlp architects.

Projects: Arq. Rodrigo de la Peña | rdlp architects.

Curator: José Juan Garza.

Models: Arquitectura escala, David Galán and Imelda Montenegro.

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