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Date 19 de August de 2017
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Rodrigo de la Peña, an architect who graduated from the University of Monterrey, returned to his alma mater, as a professional for an exhibition of selected projects designed by his office at the Roberto Garza Sada Center designed by another architect famous, Tadao Ando.

The exhibition is called "En Proceso", which was inaugurated on August 14 and it shows eight models of his work in "rdlp arquitectos", six of them are works that have already concluded and two are projects that will be made, one probably on Avenida Lázaro Cárdenas and one more that will be done in Valle Oriente.

"When it comes to" feasibility "," accessibility ", it obviously encompasses the global term from the financial point of view: that they are profitable and that economically can be built.

"They are quite avant-garde projects in many aspects, and in other they are very rationalized in cost issues. That means a lot to architects because you have to do a lot, with very little money," De la Peña explained.

He said he was honored to come to UDEM, now as an exhibitor, and more to do so in a Tadao Ando building.

In relation to presenting models of the projects, Rodrigo de la Peña mentioned that model making is a tool not used as much today, in the world of architecture.

"The use of the model, from my point of view in the offices, has been lost a lot. It is (now) much more virtual for all the facilities one has and new advances, but the model does not stop expressing much more intention in design processes, especially.

"We have tried to force the design process, where the model becomes an important component. We do not always succeed, but we try to incorporate the model as a design process, where you explore the plastic in a more tangible, fast, scaled, and then you are incorporating certain parts of the program, and it becomes very interesting. "

The models of the built projects are "Vaivén" and "Hotel Cacao", which are at the Riviera Maya; a house in Puebla; a house that is named "Mediterranean", here in Monterrey; the building "Torre San Pedro", in the street Jiménez.

He clarified that the projects that are exposed are not only his, but belong to a staff of architects who collaborate with De la Peña in different project stages.

"In all of them I participate, but obviously it is a brainstorm process, the concept of the projects, they all contribute and we are organized by teams, I could not say that what is being presented here is just mine. It is the sum of much more ideas".


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