Torre San Pedro in Open House MTY

Date 24 de April de 2017
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"Open House" is a simple but powerful concept: to showcase architecture in a way that everyone can freely and informally experience. The initiative aims to invite the public to enjoy, explore and understand the value of well-designed architectural works and the effect it has on cities.

 The initiative of Open House was born in London, England in 1992, thanks to Victoria Thornton, who had the dream and the intention to sow a better understanding of the architecture outside the profession. Motivated by the interest of eliminating the barriers between professionals of the architecture and the public.

The Open House festival since its inception has spread to many different cities and countries. To mention some of the participants, we can highlight New York, Helsinki, Rome, Barcelona, Chicago and Buenos Aires, the latter being the first city in Latin America to join the organization.

Since 2014 in Monterrey, a multidisciplinary group with diverse experiences joined Open House to establish Open House Monterrey A.C., being the first city in our country and the second in Latin America to want to position itself within this architectural feast.

In our city there have already been two editions of the festival, where this year took place the 3rd edition from April 21 to 23, where Torre San Pedro was one of the participating buildings and where the Architect Rodrigo de la Peña, José Juan Garza and Arch. Aleksandro Hernández, on the part of our team received visitors interested in knowing the tower and our facilities.

Open House MTY aims to give different views to the architecture and its history, clearly emphasizing the leading role that has had an economic level in the industry, as well as the boom in the construction and real estate development sector. In the same way, we seek to send a positive message, where we live buildings and urban spaces that have stood out for having a social, economic, legal, psychological and environmental awareness.

The president of the Open House MTY association, Mr. Daniel Fernández Cárdenas, shares some of the results of these editions. In its first year, in 2005, 3,100 visitors were received during the event, 43 buildings were opened to the public, 212 volunteers and 71 guides were held, with the Roberto Garza Sada Center of UDEM being the most visited building. Subsequently, for the second year there were 4,020 visitors, 49 buildings, 220 volunteers and 76 guides, where the newly added Pavilion M was the busiest.

At the same time, specific activations and events complement Open House MTY, such as Open Muro, a dynamic of artistic and social integration in Tampiquito and La Campana; Culinary node, a gastronomy and architecture workshop where architects and chefs seek to explain the experience, philosophy and design of the culinary culture in Monterrey; As well as Open Panel, a conference with an architect with a remarkable trajectory where he can share his experience with the public and young people, in the last edition was Mauricio Rocha Iturbide.

The initiative is undoubtedly ambitious, with more than 5,000 attendees expected in its next edition and is a continuous work involving many volunteers, institutions, organizations, companies, etc., which will bring knowledge, time and interest to do Of Open House MTY a unique and replicable event, always leaving the public interested in being part of this experience year after year.

Open House MTY 

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