Torre Valle Oriente is a mixed-use complex located on Ave. Lazaro Cárdenas at Valle Oriente in the municipality of San Pedro Garza Garcia.

The project has a commercial program, offices, units and amenities. The total constructed area is 77,952.07 m2 in a 5,642.68 m2 lot.

For this project, the initial objective was to generate an emblematic tower that stood out from the rest of its context, where a public square is defined to welcome and receive visitors, being a transitional space that protects visitors from the proximity with Ave. Lazaro Cárdenas.

At street level, on the ground floor was designed a front commerce line that defines the plan, where there are commercial spaces on level 1 and 2 focused on retail with a profitable area of ​​1,714.24 m2, and additionally included 200.70 m2 commercial on S1.

The central courtyard serves as a meeting point, as well as a recreational area, a public space that connects commerce with the tower.

Definitely, in this project one of the most important challenges is to maintain the privacy between the different users, clearly separating the uses and defining independent vertical accesses for offices and for housing, a very attractive feature for real estate development.

Due to the nature of the project, there is a need to provide extensive parking. To solve this situation, a parking block was proposed from level 3 to 5, also adding underground parking basements from S1 to S7. The uses of parking levels are divided to ensure privacy.

The office parking is defined from S7 to S4 with an extension of 16,560.38 m2 and an amount of 473 spots. The parking lot of the commercial block and independent offices is located on S3 and has an extension of 4,071.22 m2 and 121 spots. For the commercial area, parking was located from S2 to S1, and has 7,880.96 m2 and a capacity of 198 spots.

For the residential area, three levels of parking were proposed, from 3 to 5, with an extension of 9,388.80 m2, and a capacity of 237 spots for units.

One of the main intentions is that the whole could be visualized with a unified language, despite being several blocks with different uses, one of the blocks is independent from the ​​offices and commercial area focused on a broader market segment in levels 6 through 12 (7 levels). The profitable area per level of this block is 566.00 m2, giving a total of 3,396.00 m2.

In the main tower, it offers a more exclusive experience with specific amenities and access controls to ensure privacy and security. As part of the envelope, there was conceived a detail that every five levels a rotation effect is created. Office floors 7 to 20 (13 levels) offer workspaces that can be subdivided into one floor in a maximum of four premises. For each level has a profitable area of ​​758.78 m2, giving a total of 11,381.70 m2. In level 6 were located the offices amenities.

The apartments amenities are located on level 22 as an intermediate point between offices and apartments. In the residential section, from levels 23 to 40 (18 levels), there are located units that are divided into six typologies that can change slightly depending on the level and ranging from 85 m2 to 153 m2, a total of 108 units. On these floors, there is a profitable area per level of 752.83 m2, with a total of 15,097.14 m2 of units.

Subsequently, at levels 41 and 42, the penthouse was designed, four exclusive units, two at each level, offering a sophisticated living experience. At these levels the profitable area per floor is 725.83 m2, and a total of 1,505.66 m2.

Project Info


Mixed use






5,642.68 m2, 60,737.30 sq ft.


77,952.07 m2, 839,069.09 sq ft.

Architectural design

Arq. Rodrigo G. de la Peña L.

Architectural design team

Arq. David Galán, Arq. Sergio Gurrola, Arq. Imelda Montenegro, Arq. Karla Madrigal, Arq. Tomás Cantú, Arq. Héctor Quilantán, Arq. Luis Lauro Lozano, Arq. Daniel Quintanilla.


Arq. Rubén González.

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