Vaiven del Mar is located on the Riviera Maya, in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo. The project is inside Playa Car, an exclusive resort complex. Vaiven is a horizontal development of 82 apartment units in a rectangular site of 7974.41 m2.

The lot was densely covered with large trees that hindered the decision of how to intervene the site.

After a careful selection of the trees the conclusion was to create a central courtyard with the intention of preserving the local flora transplanting the rest of the trees that were located in the perimeter of the apartment buildings.


The main entrance is a large flat slab that houses the lobby and reception area. Through this lobby you enter the central courtyard that besides being a garden and a recreational area where the pool is located, it also serves as the main distributor in order to access the covered walkways and get into the apartment buildings. 

The complex covers an area of 15,877.77 m2, which is divided into 23 towers that are connected by a vertical circulation core where you have the stairs and elevator.

The apartments are located on the perimeter of the site, leaving the square central courtyard in which there are 2 pools. Likewise, in this area gardens were designed, along with an area of decks and some connections to the corridors that divide the towers that have 3 and 4 floors.


Project Info


Multi-Family Housing




Playa del Carmen, Q. ROO, MX.


15,974.41 m2; 170,835.83 sq ft.


7,974.41 m2; 85,835.83 sq ft.

Architectural design

Arq. Rodrigo G. de la Peña L.

Architectural design team

Arq. Miguel Ángel Galván, Arq. Hugo Bárcenas Olvera, Arq. David Galán.


Arq. Jorge Taboada.

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