Alameda is in a corner lot, where there is an old building in the city center of Monterrey, which is protected as a city heritage.

Three aspects were the most important for the development of the project and the definition of the scheme. We sought a reinterpretation of existing materials and forms to project the commercial area of ​​the project. Respecting the heritage of the building, the existing façade was respected to make the commercial block completely transparent to be able to appreciate it, as well as never touching the existing façade directly.

Similarly, one of the objectives was to create a pedestrian corridor due to the lack of circulation areas on the ground. The commercial area is located from this corridor on working as an extension of the street sidewalk so that pedestrians could walk through a free area of ​​vehicles enjoying the commercial experience that the project offers.

By the nature of the project the intention is to balance the scale of the facades of the city center of Monterrey with the new vertical scale. A commercial floor was maintained to integrate the existing and new façades to the city, creating different scales of perception, one for pedestrians and another one on an urban level.

The apartment tower arises from the location of rectangular north-south blocks, which are overlayed on one another. These blocks are rotated to take advantage of the views towards the mountains.


Design process

Project Info






MTY, N.L., MX.


1,947.40 m2; 20,961.64 sq ft.


19,018.29 m2; 204,711.16 sq ft.

Architectural design

Arq. Rodrigo G. de la Peña L.

Architectural design team

Arq. Paulina Rangel, Arq. Sofía Bojorquez, Arq. Paola Barragán, Arq. Adriana Farías.


Arq. Rubén González, Arq. Asael Suárez.


Arq. Iván Félix.

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