VALDA is a multi-family housing complex in the Angelopolis area in the city of Puebla. This project is part of the Live Boudica development. By design it was intended to define a vehicular circulation scheme that would allow efficient communication with the rest of the area.

The project consists of an apartment tower located on a parking and amenities building. The complex is connected vertically through a structural core with three elevators, as well as an emergency staircase on the west side.

The ground floor is intended for accessible parking spots, on sale parking and for visitors, residential parking, bicycle storage space, service areas and the tower lobby, leaving the 6 lower half-levels and the 5 upper half-levels (in both cases referenced to the ground floor) parking for residential use.

Vertical pedestrian circulation of the parking building is through the emergency stairs that goes from Basement -3.5 to Level 2, the same for the ramp, as one per level that links each of the half levels, the latter complemented with a backup staircase that connects the half levels, both elements connected to the elevator core area. Residential amenities are situated on Level 3, where the program includes social, recreational, and work areas, a gym, an indoor pool, bathroom, etc.

Level 4 is meant for multi-use spaces exclusively for residents, which are linked to Level 3 through a helical staircase that emerges from the back office, where access is also possible through the elevator core.

The apartment type floors are located from level 5 to level 28 of the tower. The housing tower has an average construction area of 594.65 m2, in which 6 apartment types were designed. According to the general design proposal there are typical floor plans that have 2 types, and others with 3 types per level.

For the facades, an arrangement of vertical elements that go up to the roof terraces is presented: the solids are materialized with insulating panels of expanded polystyrene, covered with a light gray tone; the window walls were designed in dark gray aluminum with reflective glass in gray tones as well for the glazing; the parking on the surface levels is covered with unfolded mesh sheets with some ventilated facade details. The side stairwell and the HVAC equipment rooms on the sides of the tower are covered with a dark gray metallic louver that allows proper ventilation of the space according to technical requirements.


Project Info


Multi-family Housing




Puebla, PUE, MX.


2,332.31 m2; 25,104.77 sq ft.


26,218.67 m2; 282,215.41 sq ft.

Architectural design

Arq. Rodrigo G. de la Peña L.

Architectural design team

Arq. David Galán, Arq. Alejandro Girón, Arq. Estela Garza, Arq. Andrea Oviedo, Arq. Luis Azotla, Arq. Imelda Montenegro, Arq. Ricardo Manzanares, Arq. Paola Barragán, Arq. Debanhi Olivares, Arq. Romina Varela.


Arq. Rubén González, Arq. Gerardo Ramírez.

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