Otay Medical Tower (TMO), is a medical and health building that includes a Hospital, specialized health clinics, and medical offices in the city of Tijuana. The project offers suitable class-A medical spaces that promote health and well-being, not only because of its innovative, elegant, modern, safe, and inclusive style but also because of its connection and location with the Alameda Otay Town Center mixed-use complex that offers outdoor spaces and experiences that promote healthy coexistence and cultural exchange.

Today, the Alameda Otay Town Center development has triggered the growth and relevance of the area, allowing the integration of new complementary lines of business, remaining the preferred destination for visitors, employees, users, and patients of TMO's offices and clinics.

The TMO concept is defined by the intention of creating workspaces focused on health, designed to promote productivity, and improve its users’ life quality, enjoying a great specialized environment and offering the comfort of having all the services of a Town Center just steps away. This complex has a prime location due to its proximity to the airport, making it a successful area for any high-end line of business.

The tower program includes six levels plus an amenities terrace on the seventh and last level that stands out within the Alameda Otay shopping center, it also has five parking half-levels in the basement and on the lower level.

The envelope is made of a perforated sheet in gray tones. The texture emphasizes a harmonic and recurring connection with the entire complex, achieving a unified architectural language and an identifiable personality. At its base, there is a commercial area with five spaces and a lobby; also, there is a drop-off and short stay parking spaces, optimizing access, uses, and flows for both vehicles and pedestrians.

The first three levels of the tower fulfill the space required for the hospital. The hospital has a pair of elevators within its commercial footprint and coexists on the ground floor with 3 commercial properties; a lobby and a reception with access control; and a motor lobby with easy ascent and descent that emphasizes access to the tower. In addition to parking spots for temporary visits at street level. A parking half-level in the back of the building with assigned spaces for tower tenants and controlled access to go down or up from the underground parking levels. The next two levels are full hospital floors From the fourth level onwards, the floors are assigned to clinics and medical offices.

As part of the architectural concept, large volumes are perceived, which in addition to providing an important aesthetic character to the facade, answer with special attention to the orientations of the tower. The faces of these volumes are covered by the second lattice metallic skin to generate shading and take care of the solar incidence towards the interior of each office.


Project Info






Tijuana, BC., MX.


2,531.65 m2; 27,250.45 sq ft.


20,241.30 m2; 217,875.53 sq ft.

Architectural design

Arq. Rodrigo G. de la Peña L.

Architectural design team

Arq. Abel Espinosa Dyck, Arq. Wendy López, Arq. Michelle Huber, Arq. Madeira Agüero, Arq. Daniela García.


Arq. Rubén González, Arq. Gerardo Ramírez.

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