LANKA is a multifamily project with a commercial section located in the Huasteca area, several blocks away from Monterrey’s main avenues. This apartment project is composed of two 24-story towers with interior and exterior amenities on the ground floor.

The goal was to build two emblematic towers that created a relationship with the natural surroundings. The apartments have panoramic views of the surrounding areas thanks to the terraces with large windows in the common social areas.  

Inspired by its surrounding environment, LANKA’s architecture uses an exposed white concrete structure that mimics the Huasteca’s landscape. Diagonals on its main facades convey dynamism and movement. We used the building’s structure to create a protective layer from the sun on the sides.

The towers extend from north to south, towards the property’s best views, the Mitras mountain to the north, and the Hausteca to the south. In this way, a scheme of vertical and horizontal elements is repeated every three levels that organize the building’s layout and reflect changes in apartment types in the volume, which creates space for wider terraces.

The amenities were designed to create a family atmosphere ideal for gatherings, a connection to nature through the gardens, and recreational spaces for leisure and rest, which would play an important role in residents’ interactions with the property. The goal was to give residents the convenience to carry out all their recreational activities without the need to leave home.


Project Info


Multi-Family Housing






12,215.00 m2; 131,481.16 sq ft.


45,780.56 m2; 492,777.84 sq ft.

Architectural design

Arq. Rodrigo G. de la Peña L.

Architectural design team

Arq. David Galán, Arq. Daniel Quintanilla, Arq. Luis Lozano, Arq. Aleksandro Hernández, Arq. Jesús Jiménez, Arq. Felipe Fernández.



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