This interior architecture proposal is located on the 15th floor of the Chroma building. The main objective was to design an office that would concentrate all the different areas that are part of the company, as well as to include a future projection taking into consideration the collaborators of the different departments.

The proposal intends to design spaces for collaborative casual/informal environments that promote the integration of all staff without leaving aside the work approach. Likewise, the use of the views was taken into consideration at all times, allowing a visual opening experience.

The design concept seeks to create warm environments achieved with the combination of several types of wood, natural stones, tapestries, built-in-furniture designs, and accent lighting for special details.

For the selection of materials, a tumbled santo tomás marble was considered for the floor for the general areas and a modular carpet for the work areas. For the ceiling, gypsum boards were specified for the general areas and a tzalam wood flooring in the management areas.

As for the walls, drywall with gray paint was used in the general areas and work areas, while the main corridor was covered with a pietra gray marble, as well as tzalam wood lining in the main corridors. In the management office, wallpaper was placed on the wall.


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920 m2; 9,902.79 sq ft.

Architectural design

Arq. Rodrigo G. de la Peña L.

Architectural design team

Arq. Daniel Leos, Arq. Sofía Bojórquez, Arq. Asael Suárez.


Idea Cúbica.

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