The house is located in a housing development to the south of the San Pedro Garza García municipality and enjoys views of the city center. 

The property originally had a 45% incline, which required us to first carry out a leveling process in order to create the layout requested by the clients. To solve this, the proposal included a driveway below the pedestrian walkway. The door for pedestrians is framed by a platform that serves as a reference point and a welcoming gesture. 

The entrance was created as a unique transition through an exterior corridor that leads to the rooftop terrace, which provides an outlook of the city and its mountains. From there, visitors descend towards the entrance door through a metallic staircase built in a central brick volume which in parallel encapsulates the inner main staircase.

The staircase becomes a key design element that organizes the distribution of the architecture and connects the space vertically.

The house is arranged along a central hallway that runs parallel to the stairs. this corridor is repeated on all four floors of the house in descending order, which allows for a continuous flow without the need to enter the private areas of the house, beginning at street level and main entrance, social area, family area and finally the playroom and garden.

The social area is made up of the dining room and living room with grey Santo Tomas marble floors, exposed concrete walls, and a wooden-paneled ceiling. Large windows were designed to provide natural light to the interior and offer a view of the city and its mountains. 

For the exterior courtyard, the design took advantage of the uneven terrain to define a large space for social and recreational activities, whether it be to enjoy the pool or the mountains. On the rear facade, the master bedroom defines a cantilevered brick covered volume, serving as the main element.


Project Info


Single-Family Housing






1,096 m2; 11,797 sq ft.


872 m2; 9,386 sq ft.

Architectural design

Arq. Rodrigo G. de la Peña L.

Architectural design team

Arq. Ernesto Jalomo.


Idea Cubica.

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