MITT is the city of Monterrey, in an area with a current accelerated growth with an urban strategy with a clear trend towards densification.

The project consists of two bodies of 141 apartments each (282 in total) linked by the core of elevators and stairs. The amenities program includes a gym, sports bar, and co-working space as interior amenities, and as exterior amenities, there is a pool, grills, a pet zone, and wellness park.

For the complex, a 9-split-level parking building is integrated, connected by ramps with one-way traffic, having a capacity for 325 total parking spaces. Parking levels E1, E2, E3, and E4 are assigned for the exclusive use of housing. On the other hand, parking spots for visitors and the commercial area are being considered outside at the ground floor level.

The project is proposed as a volume of housing over a commercial base that offers 7 stores, where it seeks to enhance interaction with the commercial promenade, and also to capture the flow of visitors from abroad. The commercial area on the ground floor complements the rest of the commerce in the area with a punctual and local offer.

As part of the proposal, the amenities were located on N1, offering recreation areas, social coexistence, and a meeting point.

The terraces follow a contemporary and attractive language through an inclination of the wall towards the outside, which causes a dynamic effect on the facade.

As an architectural proposal, the basement is covered by a mesh louver. Likewise, for the body of the building, the facade is presented with a block wall with a mixed plaster and a white paint finish, accented by brick cladding.

Regarding the specification for the apartment floors, a technical porcelain tile in 60x60 format was chosen. In the same way, the design of the ceiling was limited to the service spaces: kitchen and bathrooms, for the rest of the apartment an urban experience of exposed facilities is displayed.


Project Info


Multi-Family Housing






3,281 m2; 35,316 sq ft.


31,886 m2; 343,218 sq ft.

Architectural design

Arq. Rodrigo G. de la Peña L.

Architectural design team

Arq. David Galán, Arq. Luis Lozano, Arq. David Sauceda, Arq. Carlos Cortés, Arq. Estela Garza, Arq. Felipe Fernández.


Arq. Rubén González, Arq. Gerardo Ramírez.


Documentación Arquitectónica.

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