Located at the heart of Tec de Monterrey, the new La Carreta Pavilion is part of the Campus Monterrey 2014 Master Plan, also known as Tec District, which was developed by the international firm Sasaki Associates in collaboration with Mexican urban planners, architects and engineers to redefine the campus’ spaces and relationship with the urban environment.

La Carreta, one of the university’s most emblematic cafeterias, was built in 1949 and has since been the site of endless encounters and memories for students and teachers. The Tec District planning team decided to demolish the building, due to its lack of architectural value, to make way for a new version. The new building preserves the original concept as a meeting point on campus, but offers more flexible spaces.

Based on an analysis of new capacity requirements, a diversity of activities and current needs, the pavilion became a space to incentivize collaboration, the exchange of ideas, and innovation. Today’s needs are on display through the pavilion’s transparent structure that reveals the connections, experiences and teamwork that take place on the premises.

While creating the new La Carreta Pavilion renovation plan, we emphasized visual dialogue with Enrique de la Mora’s iconic work, which is reflected in the pavilion’s scale and white structure that perfectly aligns with the axis of Aulas 1 building. In this way, the campus’ traditional meeting place is reborn, equipped to satisfy the university’s current technological needs, without forgetting its origins.



Project Info






MTY, N.L., MX.


1,201 m2, 12,927.46 sq ft.

Architectural design

Sasaki Associates | Architect of Record: Arq. Gilberto L. Rodríguez + Arq. Rodrigo G. de la Peña L.

Architectural design team

Arq. Víctor Hugo Martínez, Arq. Alejandro Borrás, Arq. Rebeca Mata, Arq. Carmen Garza, Arq. Beatriz Rodríguez, Arq. Ana Gaby Chávez, Arq. Madeira Agüero, Arq. Omar García, Arq. Mauricio Bárcenas, Arq. Alonso Guel, Arq. Pamela Díaz, Arq. Aleksandro Hernández.


Idea Cubica | The Raws.

Structural design




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