RIVA is a vertical housing project in Puerto Cancun complex, in Quintana Roo, Mexico. The project is located within La Laguna Condo development, an area of ​​growing economic activity and great potential. The building has achieved LEED Silver certification, having a deep commitment to energy and resources management.  

The concept for the whole compound comes from a deep respect for the environment, taking full advantage of the natural views towards the lagoon and the sea. In the same way, the urban image of the building is expressed by the rhythm of its balconies on the fourth sides of the building, generating a relaxing atmosphere. The residential building consists of 7 levels with 40 apartment units in total, distributed in 5 typologies; thanks to this diversity and adaptability, the complex becomes attractive to real estate market, from a single resident, a newly married couple, a family, etc.

The architecture was defined by an approach that comes from an honest and current proposal that interacts with its environment, reflected in an interior layout that is completely oriented to the views, as well as a selection of materials, a color palette, and textures according to the region. On the other hand, the materiality is based on the use of exposed white concrete as the main façade element, maximizing its aesthetics and durability.



On the ground floor, the lobby and the administration of the building were defined, these spaces work as a meeting and a transition area that allows connecting with the pier and with the residential levels. Also, the parking lot is located at street level and a half underground level, allowing privacy for residents and comfort for visitors. As a project with the potential of a cutting-edge result, there were proposed clear sustainability strategies, including criteria for sustainable mobility and encouraging the use of the bicycle through stations dedicated to this transportation option. For both departments and amenities, it is important to take advantage of natural ventilation and light, creating a pleasant and fresh atmosphere.

RIVA is very close to Marina Town Center, an outdoor shopping center with a wide commercial offer, from shops, cinemas, boutiques, restaurants and entertainment, so its proximity allows residents to have a wider range of amenities within the reach of home.

As an integral concept, the project's main objective is to make a city by having the complex open through the connection with the pier and the shopping center, stimulating an active dynamic in the area and guaranteeing a higher level of safety and comfort for both residents and visitors.

Project Info


Multi-Family Housing




Cancún, Q. ROO, MX.


2,237 m2; 24,078 sq ft.


14,274 m2; 153,644 sq ft.

Architectural design

Arq. Rodrigo G. de la Peña L.

Architectural design team

Arq. Karla Madrigal, Arq. Felipe Álvarez, Arq. Hugo Bárcenas, Arq. Juan Manuel Peña, Arq. Aleksandro Hernández, Arq. Cristina Díaz, Arq. Felipe Fernández, Arq. Kevin Oviedo, Arq. Iván Félix.


Climatica, The Stills


Arq. Rubén González, Arq. Asael Suárez.

Interior design

Warm architects

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