San Agustin is a residence located on grounds with unique natural characteristics: a stream to the east and a park to the south. The house opens up in all directions and the large windows and skylights, illuminating the interior spaces and providing better views of the surroundings.

The project uses isolated volumes that integrate into one dynamic element, employing formal discontinuity as an architectural tool. The contemporary design exhibits a clear and attractive visual for residents and visitors alike, making the house a contemporary architectural icon in the area.

The discontinuous spaces come together through a series of differently sized and positioned screens, determining their use and movement in the house. On the first floor, a wall separates the different spaces such as the entrance, living room, dining room, study, terraces, water mirrors, and the bathrooms. 

On the second floor, there are three bedrooms, a family room, and two terraces, one facing the front of the house and other towards the adjacent stream. The first-floor entrance connects to the family room on the second floor through a metallic staircase that highlights the height of the space.

Architectural design can be appreciated through the details and spaces that connect with each other to form a unified whole. In the interior, the surfaces are mainly white with metallic detailing as well as wood on the staircases and marble on the floors.

The layout allows the space to open vertically and horizontally, making the nearby stream and groves part of the experience. 


Project Info


Single-Family Housing






500 m2; 5,381 sq ft.


460 m2; 4,951 sq ft.

Architectural design

Arq. Rodrigo G. de la Peña L.

Architectural design team

Arq. Adolfo Elizondo.


Idea Cubica.

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