Santa Barbara is a mixed use complex located in the municipality of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. The lot is located on the Santa Barbara corridor area.

The architectural project raises an integral experience of a single tower with a housing and offices program, but with the premise of being able to have independence due to the uses differences.

The architectural image and the volume define a continuous building that through a curtain wall, by mullions with different spans, instills its own personality to the building. The main views of the project are towards the Sierra Madre, so the facades treatment accentuates the visuals in those directions.

Due to the division of uses and restrictions of the water table, only 3 parking basements could be designed for housing, so for offices there are 8 parking levels built on the surface.

As part of the program, 11 levels of office and 9 of departments were proposed, having a total of 72 departments with 3 different typologies. As part of the transitions between the blocks, there were amenities areas designed for the offices, and subsequently amenities for the apartments.


Design process

Project Info






MTY, N.L., MX.


5,588 m2; 60,148.73 sq ft.


30,727 m2; 330,742.67 sq ft.

Architectural design

Arq. Rodrigo G. de la Peña L.

Architectural design team

Arq. David Galán, Arq. Karla Madrigal, Arq. Sergio Gurrola, Arq. Cristina Díaz Infante.


Arq. Rubén González.

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