This project is located in the center of the San Pedro Garza Garcia municipality. The complex was part of an agreement between the private and public sectors that sought a mixed-use office building to revive the area.

The client requested a pilot project with a retail ground floor that would support the revitalization of the neighboring urban area. Despite the slow growth in San Pedro’s center, Torre San Pedro was proposed to encourage future developments and improve the image of the surrounding streets. The design included wide, shaded sidewalks for pedestrians that pass by, transforming the area. The perimeter gardens and plaza create a comfortable space within a decrepit context.

Torre San Pedro maintains the connection with its context – open spaces for the building’s residents and visitors through the different types of gardens and landscaping that invite pedestrians to come in and visit the local businesses.  

The project provides 11,000 mof leasable real estate, in which 500 m2 on the ground floor are retail-oriented. On this level, there are parking spaces for retail and visitors, while the spaces for offices are located on three basement levels, making up a total of 557 parking spaces. The public plaza was designed a half-level above the street to reduce the noise from the busy Jimenez Ave. The sidewalks and planted trees were restored to provide shade to the pedestrian.

The biggest influence for the design were the major climate-related challenges that the project had to solve. the north and south facades face the mountains, while the east and west had to be protected from the harsh climate

The building’s envelope itself is broken up into three blocks with a ventilated closed facade that allows for air circulation through atmospheric pressure. Cold air is received at the base of the building and hot air is released through the roof.


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6,300 m2; 67,800 sq ft.


31,400 m2; 337,986 sq ft.

Architectural design

Arq. Rodrigo G. de la Peña L.

Architectural design team

Arq. Ramón Alvite, Arq. Manuel Arroyo.


Idea Cubica.

Arquitectura de Paisaje

Arq. Rodrigo Velarde

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