This project involves three apartment towers that house 279 units. Two towers are 16 levels while the last one has one level less. The three towers rest on a four-level parking lot building that comprises service areas, both maintenance, and administration, as well as bicycle parking spots, 614 parking spaces, and a total of 280 warehouse units for the apartment residents.

The lot has very specific characteristics, because it is 250 m long by 30 m deep with two fronts, one to the south and the north is the Santa Catarina River with an affectation of 100 m on the bed of the river. These terrain conditions made it a great design challenge.

The architectural proposal is based on the location of the parking lot, considering a single parking bay per floor, to ensure that a linear park can be enjoyed on the entire 250 m long front of the property. The ramps that connect to the next levels were designed as circular ramps between the towers.

Something important to emphasize is that the 3 towers were rotated with the best orientation both visually and due to sun path and solar exposure. Similarly, modulation at the parking level was efficiently resolved.

Construction was divided into three phases. The first phase involves a 95-apartment building with 15 floors that have 4 housing typologies and on the last level, there are 3 apartments and a penthouse. The second phase is identical to the first one. The third phase has 14 standard levels and 1 penthouse floor, for a total of 89 apartment units.

Each building has direct communication with an area of ​​amenities located on the southeast side of the project, through a controlled access point on the second parking level. The amenities area has two blocks connected by a pool area, a solarium and terraces, which allow the user to enjoy several activities without leaving the complex.

The apartments are divided into four typologies and a penthouse. All units have an open social area, where the living room and dining room are located and connected to the kitchen and the laundry area. The differences between the apartment types are perceived in the number of bedrooms, bathrooms that impact the size of each one: apartment T1 has 74.21 m2; apartment T2 has 87.76 m2; apartment T3A 94.73 m2; apartment T4 107.60 m2. Also, the penthouse has larger dimensions concerning social areas and private rooms, with 149.46 m2 total.


Project Info


Multi-Family Housing






18,294.47 m2; 196,920.03 sq ft.


51,930.99 m2; 558,980.52 sq ft.

Architectural design

Arq. Rodrigo G. de la Peña L.

Architectural design team

Arq. Hugo Bárcenas, Arq. Karla Madrigal, Arq. Rubén Segovia, Arq. María Benavides, Arq. Asael Suárez, Arq. María Eugenia Padilla.


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