Located on a lot with privileged natural features, this house is opened towards all the possible orientations, allowing through an array of windows and blinds, the greatest natural lighting and transparency possible.

The project is presented as a set of apparently isolated volumes, but they are ultimately integrated in a general manner and can be perceived as a single very dynamic element that uses formal discontinuity as an architectural resource.

Architecture is projected towards a contemporary trend, exhibiting a clear and pleasant architectural image, both for residents and visitors. The residence becomes a visual ending point and a new contemporary reference within the housing architecture of the area.

The spaces are presented in a discontinued way, being formed by a series of screens of different heights and positions, that determine uses and circulations.

On the first floor, the entrance, the living and dining room, study and services are blocked or extended through walls, terraces, fountains, blinds and courtyards.

On the second floor, there are three bedrooms, the family room, and two very large terraces, one with views to the street and the other to the neighboring stream on the back of the house. Also, the foyer on the first floor is connected to a family room on the second through a double-height space.

Architectural design can be perceived through details and spaces that connect with each other to create a unified interior path. On the inside, the surfaces are mostly white, where overall metallic, wood on the staircase and marble for the floor stand out.

The layout allows opening the space both vertically and horizontally, making the stream and the neighboring groves part of the experience.


Project Info


Single-Family Housing






500 m2; 5381 sq ft.


460 m2; 4951 sq ft.

Architectural design

Arq. Rodrigo G. de la Peña L.

Architectural design team

Arq. Adolfo Elizondo.


Idea Cubica.

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